Why Cheddar?

The goal of Cheddar is to be a fast, powerful, extensible programming language.

Cheddar puts the entire power of the language in your hands. This lets you develop powerful programs, with the least syntax overhead possible.

  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Expandable
class Greeter(name: tuple<string, string>, age: number) {
    getName () -> self.name.join(" ")
    addAge (text) -> "%s! You are %d years old." % self.age
    greet (text) -> greeting -> "%s, %s" % (greeting, text)

let SayHi: Greeter = Greeter {
            "First", "Last",
        ].map(@.append(" Name? "))
    Number::IO.prompt("Age? ")

print (SayHi.greet + SayHi.addAge + SayHi.getName)("Hello")


When you code, you get the freedom and flexiblity to code how you want, in whatever paradigm you like. Whether you prefer object-oriented code, or you like functional design, Cheddar suits you.


Cheddar is available on a wide variety of platforms; simply, choose your platform and run the command.
If you'd like to do a custom install. You'll have to install Cheddar from source.

  • Windows

    A MSI installer is coming soon! For now perform a Manual Install

  • NPM

    If you have npm, easily install Cheddar using:

    npm install -g cheddar-lang

  • Mac OS

    Ensure brew is installed

    brew install coreutils
    bash <(curl -fsSL cheddar.vihan.org/i/nix/cheddar)

  • Linux

    If you are on a BSD platform, ensure the realpath command exists.

    sh <(curl -fsSL cheddar.vihan.org/i/nix/cheddar)

  • Manual Install

    If you which to install a development version or just want to manually install, run the following code:

    git clone http://github.com/cheddar-lang/Cheddar.git
    cd Cheddar
    npm install
    node ./dist/cli/cheddar.js

  • Other?

    Chances are that you are on a *nix system and you don't know it. If you're sure, then leave an issue on the GitHub.

    Additionally, attempt a manual install.

Remove the bash < or sh < to ensure you are not a victim of a MitM attack

Ready to Use?

Getting started with Cheddar is easy! Cheddar inherits traits from many languages, to be familiar to most programmers.